Q1. Why hire a buying agent.
The buying agent being the resident of that country has full knowledge of the vendor base. The buying agent is well versed with the local language and to get the shipment to the delivery stage one has to contact various people working in the factory at different levels. Communication in local language makes it easy for understanding the product requirement and all the nitty gritty of the product. Buying Agent can travel the number of times required to the factory and get in direct contact with the factories workers and make him understand the needs of the buyers. The Buying Agent also has a complete idea of cities to be explored to the get right product at the right place at the right price.

Q2. Why source from India?
Price factor is the major key point which attracts the buyers to buy products from India.

Q3. What are the service charges?
Service charges are very nominal. Transparency is maintained.

Q4. What are the minimum order quantity?
Minimums always depend upon the product chosen. We are flexible in terms of minimums. 

Q5. Why Hibiscus Impex?
Hibiscus Impex is a registered buying agency owned and managed by an alumni of IIM, Kohizkode having a work experience of more than 20 years and co-partnered with more than ten years working experience in the industry. The team has widely travelled and understand the buying requirements well. Personal involvement in each step help meticulous planning and execution of the buyer’s order.

Q6. How does Hibiscus Impex select the factories?
Hibiscus Impex makes sure that the factories are compliant. So all factories are certified either SA8001 or BSCI or through certified through recognized International auditing agency. There is no child labor and Health Safety and security systems are well installed and followed.  Such compliant factories have wide range of products to choose from their collection.

Q7. Where are the factories based?
The factories are based in various parts of the country to choose the specialty product.