How We Work Hibiscus Impex

  1. Vendor Selection – On the basis of the requirement of the buyer we select the vendor to fit into the buyer’s specificities. Most of our vendors are SA 8000 or BSCI certified or audited as per International standards and no child labor is involved in the production. Those who have not been certified, we conduct audit as per the International compliance norms and Labor law of the country.
  2. Understanding Buyers requirements and Buyer meeting – We have a comprehensive exchange of emails to understand the buyers requirements before the buyer visits India. In India, we make arrangements for a comfortable stay for the buyers. We work on the meeting schedules and  make them visit our vendors’ facilities.
  3. Before the buyer’s visit to the vendor’s factory, the showroom is arranged as per the specific requirement, developments, color and market trends. The future requirement of the buyer is predicted on the basis of preliminary mails exchanged with the buyer before his visit to India. The buyer will get to see a massive collection of products to choose from the vendor showroom.
  4. During the meeting the buyer can concentrate on his selections as we make a note of all the minutes of the meeting, buyers requirements and changes asked for and we click all the required photographs.
  5. After the meeting we send a comprehensive re-cap to the buyer so that he also has a complete summary of the products chosen with the composition, color and price with MOQ.
  6. If the buyers are unable to visit India, we send presentation for the buyer to choose the product/design of his or her liking. Once shortlisted, we arrange to send samples of the products chosen in the time framed mutually agreed upon the buyer and Hibiscus.  Upon receipt of the samples, if the buyer wishes he can send his comments for further changes in the design, quality, color etc and a revised sample is sent for the final approval before we start the production.
  7. We also organize buyer’s meet in the national and International fairs with the vendors and help them choose the right product as per the trends.
  8. After the meeting in the fair samples are sent to the buyer for his comments and approval. Necessary changes are made, prices negotiated and revised samples are sent.
  9. Buyer approves the samples, price, Quantity and ETD and then creates the purchase order.
  10. We assist in arranging tourism for the buyers across Delhi. We have strong contacts with the tourist agents who help the buyers visit various tourist places without any problem.
  11. We accompany the buyers to the local market so that the buyer does not have any language problems and buyer’s precious time is saved by visiting the right place for the right product in the domestic market.
  12. The buyer can be tension free as we are representing buyers office in India. We work for the buyer as his representative in India. We take care of the buyers shipment as our baby.
  13. We make sure that we take approvals from the buyer at every stage so that the buyer is always happy to see the end-product in the stores.
  14. Production status is always conveyed to the buyer and nothing is hidden from the buyer. We keep a transparency in everything we do. 
  15. Once the raw-material in in-house we ask the vendor to send us the cutting along with the trims and zips being used so that the same can be matched with the approved sample. We check and match the color and quality of the bulk lot with the approved sample and only then send the approval to the vendor to start the production.
  16. All the trims used are lead free and nickel free and zips used are YKK zips.
  17. We carry midline inspection when the product is at an unfinished stage so that if anywhere anything going wrong can be identified and corrected to avoid the last minute disaster.
  18. We carry strict final inspection as per standards set.
  19. We keep a strict vigil on the packaging and shipping marks so that the buyer does not have any issues when the goods arrive in the warehouse and are to be distributed to the stores.
  20. We understand the buyers packing requirements thoroughly and follow them. We do not allow the vendors to take liberty or leverage in packing of goods.
  21. We follow up with the vendors till the goods are handed over to the forwarding agent/shipping line for the proper loading and moving of the cargo.
  22. Most important all the above steps ensure the timely delivery of the shipment.