Handmade Paper Product and Packaging

Use of Handmade paper and paper product is an old luxury that has continued to stake it place in the modern world.

An ancient art of paper making, the credit goes to the ancient Chinese civilization dating back to 105 CE, where waste of mulberry, hemp waste, old rags and other wastes were used to manufacture paper. The ancient art of paper making remained a secret for almost 500 years when it spread to the Korea, Japan, Turkey, Egypt and further west. 

With the advent of technology, today the Eco friendly process of manufacturing handmade paper has evolved to an extent where bulk production has become a fast  keeping the same aesthetics of ancient deckle edged touch and feel and using modern printing technology, handmade paper product has maintained it glory of luxury.

The handmade paper has paved it way from the Imperial courts to decorative shelves and households in the form of innumerable products  - from writing paper-pads and diaries  to decoration products to unfathomable creativity.

We assist our customers in sourcing products of handmade paper – note pads, diaries, decoration pieces, Christmas decorations, beautiful Carry bags, designer packaging materials, napkins, paper bags, non-waxed boxes, tissue boxes, construction boxes, jewelry boxes, spice boxes, photo frames, etc.